I refuse to wax my body! (photo inside)

Dear Subscriber & Friend,

Are you a swimmer?

No — I don’t mean a swimmer like in a pool or the beach… I mean a “swimmer” in all your business and marketing activities. If you aren’t, you should be. 

And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, then you’ll understand what I mean as soon as I explain it.

What do competitive swimmers do? How do they approach every race? Answer: they try to find every possible competitive advantage that will allow them to get to the finish line as quickly as possible, right?

So, they shave their bodies…


They shave their heads or have very short hair…

They wear swim caps…

They trim down their body fat before competitions….


So They Can Become As Aerodynamic As Possible

Their thinking is, if they can shave off (pardon the pun) a 100th of a second here and a 100th of a second there, by taking these aerodynamic-enhancing steps, it will help them achieve better results. Cumulatively, these measures give them a real, tangible advantage. Heck, even a 100th of a second can mean the difference between winning and losing (remember Michael Phelps in the Olympics?)

This is what I call the “Swimmer’s Mindset.” And this is the kind…

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Here’s the Full Text of the “Competition Crush” Article

Dear Subscriber & Friend,

Yesterday, I told you about a great article I wrote for LinkedIn entitled, 

To Lawyers Who Are Losing Business to Lower-Priced Competitors: Use these Four Strategies (One Will Shock You) to “Respectfully” Crush Them!

Then I gave you the LinkedIn link, asked you to share it and comment, etc. To be honest, I didn’t even think about including the full text of the article in the email. Sheesh… I have to start taking my Flintstones Vitamins again (I used to pop those things like candy when I was “yay high.”).

Anyway, please find the full text of the article below. And if you’d like to comment on or like the article, you can use this link: http://tinyurl.com/mvsvkgm.  Remember, the subscriber that has the most views after sharing the link by Friday, August 15 @ 5pm Eastern will receive a FREE $50 Visa Gift Card.

So, without further ado… 


To Lawyers Who Are Losing Business to Lower-Priced Competitors: Use these Four Strategies (One Will Shock You) to “Respectfully” Crush Them!

I’m about to make you very happy.

And if you read this short article in full and implement what I’m about to tell you – I will make you a lot of money, too.


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A FREE $50 Visa Gift Card for You? And New LinkedIn Posting

Dear Subscriber & Friend,

I just published this post on LinkedIn:

To Lawyers Who Are Losing Business to Lower-Priced Competitors: Use these Four Strategies (One Will Shock You) to “Respectfully” Crush Them!

Here’s the link: http://tinyurl.com/mvsvkgm.

The article is eye-opening, to say the least! Give it a read and start using these strategies A.S.A.P.!

Also, please share it with as many legal industry professionals as possible. And to make it interesting, the subscriber who generates the most views from their shares will win a $50 Visa card!


How will I keep track of the most views? It’s simple. This newsletter software automatically tallies the views for each subscriber. Every time someone who you shared the link with views it, you will get the credit.

By Friday, August 15 @ 5pm Eastern Time, the subscriber who has the most views gets the FREE $50 Visa gift card. It’s that simple.


Again, here’s the link: http://tinyurl.com/mvsvkgm.

Share it, like it, comment — go crazy! It’s great content that you’ll be proud to recommend.

That’s it for now. Get busy — you have a job to do! :)

The link one more time is: http://tinyurl.com/mvsvkgm.


Shocking Advice: You Should “Date” Your Clients

Dear Subscriber & Friend,

I want you to date your clients. Every single one.

No, I’m not asking you to do anything unethical or untoward. Nor do I want you to cheat on your spouse or significant other. I’d be nuts for suggesting that.

Rather, I want you to treat your clients the same way you treat someone you’re dating or really care about.

When you date someone who means the world to you, you are a different person. Your senses and emotions are heightened… you actually listen to what the other person says instead of doing a great job faking it (we’ve all been there!). You act in a way that surprises even… YOU.

You’ll notice yourself doing any number of things, including:

1. You’re very sensitive to your date’s needs.

2. You’re highly responsive to their requests.

3. You anticipate their wants, sometimes before they utter a word.

4. You do everything in your power to make them happy.

5. You go the extra mile to make sure they’re content.

6. You worry about their safety.

7. You are concerned about their health and welfare.

8. You are committed to them.

9. You worry about upsetting them.

10. You call them sometimes just to say hello and see how they’re doing.

I remember…

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I’ve never uttered these words before. EVER.

Dear Subscriber & Friend,

I’ve never shared what I’m about to tell you in any of my newsletters before.

Not once.

Not because I’ve wanted to keep it from you, but because frankly, I thought you’d be more interested in hearing more about strategy and less about foundational topics.

I was wrong because I get asked about this topic all the time. (Herein lies a valuable lesson: find out what your clients want and give it to them. It’s the simplest sales formula in history.)

So, I’m finally breaking down and answering the incessant question I get from subscribers…

“What’s the Deal With this Whole ‘Bionic’ Thing?”

There’s actually a lot more to it than just a 40-something lawyer marketer trying to relive his childhood (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it :) ).

The fact is, what I’m about to reveal to you is, without exaggeration, one of the greatest and most powerful marketing secrets you will ever learn. It is the key for gaining a competitive advantage in your market. Want to make your competition virtually disappear? This is where it all starts.

I urge you to listen to me and listen well. Once you finish this newsletter, I want you to ask yourself, “How can I apply what I just read to…

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