Accidentally Do This and Your Client Will Go Bonkers!

Dear Subscriber & Friend,

A few months ago, I was talking with my friend Alan about an experience he had with a trademark lawyer.

It wasn’t a good experience.

In fact, he was so fuming mad after it happened, he fired the lawyer on the spot. There was no second chance. Once the trust had been breached, Alan was done.

So, what did the lawyer do? According to Alan, the lawyers kept him on the phone an extra 15 minutes… explaining “totally irrelevant” (Alan’s words) subtleties of trademark law…

“Just to Rack Up More Billable Time!”

At $350 an hour, an extra 15 minutes comes to $87.50. That’s not a small amount of money.

Alan confided in me that from the get-go, getting billed on an hourly basis really stressed him out. He’s a small business owner and so money is tight, especially when it comes to paying lawyers.

So, the obvious question is: Did the attorney, in fact, keep Alan on the phone for an extra 15 minutesjust to pad his bill?

I guess we’ll never know for sure. If the answer is yes, then the attorney got what he deserved. He should know better than to try to prolong the phone conversation purely for financial gain.

But there’s a bigger issue in…

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What Clients Are Secretly Begging For

Dear Subscriber & Friend,

I’m often asked about my secrets for the initial consultation: “How can I get a new appointment to stop lawyer shopping and hire me on the spot?” some lawyers ask me.

Yes,, there are secrets.

Yes, there are “tricks.”

Yes, there are even some showmans’ “threatrics” you can put on display.

But there is one thing that may be more powerful than anything else you can ever do. If only you were to utter these four words:

“It’s Not Your Fault.”

Clients of bankruptcy, criminal law, divorce, litigation, etc. are all secretly yearning to hear those words from you. Not from a legal liability “it’s not your fault” sense… but… in terms of someone who’s helping them shoulder the weight of their problems. 

Clients want to hear out of your own mouth that whatever act caused them to walk into your office was somehow someone else’s doing. Clients want your approval — they want you to be on their side. Not in some patronizing way, but in earnest. 

In a way, they want you to give them an absolution.

Moral and personal accountability arguments aside, from a marketing perspective,this is what gives a client comfort. And comfort is one of the driving factors for selecting one attorney…

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Al Pacino might DECK ME for this!

Dear Subscriber & Friend,

Let’s just get one thing straight. The “Godfather” was the best move ever made.

I suppose you could disagree with me, but what could possibly be better than the first “Godfather”? Not many movies even come close.

Anyway, as you know, pretty much any time Hollywood dips its toe into the move sequel waters, they muck it up. There was “Basic Instinct 2″ (a huge bomb), “Grease 2″ (another bomb), “More American Graffiti” (it stunk up the place), “Speed 2″ (a colossal failure) and a host of other movies whose sequels couldn’t match up to the original, including “Godfather” 2 and 3.

That’s show biz.

But here at the “Superhuman Results” legal marketing newsletter, you’ll be happy to know that our sequels are just as good as (if not better than) the original.

Here are some of my best marketing quotes (part 2). If you’d like to get them straight to your cell phone, just go to and subcribe.

So, without further ado…

8 (MORE) Marketing Quotes That Will Make You Chuckle, Think and Profit

1. “Your initial consultation must really WOW the prospective client. Perfect recipe? You must be 1/4 legal advisor, 1/4 therapist, 1/4 showman, 1/4 salesperson.”

2. “Statement qualifiers such as “With all due…

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It’s a shame you’re going to miss this…

Dear Subscriber & Friend,

Yes, once again, it’s time to reveal a huge secret about what motivates us as human beings… and… how to get people to take the actions you want them to take.

It’s time for what I call…

Psychological Trigger Time!

I’m not going to deny there’s a little “mind-control” going on with what I’m about to share with you. But anyone who markets anything learns early on that in order to achieve a desired outcome, sometimes (ok — often) you have to “skew” the circumstances in your favor.

Listen to this… learn it… memorize it… and put it in front of your eyes at all times. 


One of the most fundamental reasons people make decisions is due to….


Did you get that? This concept is worth repeating so I’ll say it again another way.  When people are afraid (or worried or concerned or sometimes terrified) of the consequences of inaction, they act. Or sometimes they simply want to avoid a certain outcome so they do something to prevent that outcome.

Did I lose you? Let me give you some examples to illustrate this.

1. Insurance salesman sells you home insurance in case you lose your home to a fire, flood, storm, etc. If you…

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8 Marketing Quotes That Will Make You Chuckle, Think and Profit

Dear Subscriber & Friend,

Here are some of my best marketing quotes (I send them to subscribers of my free text alert service). But it’s not all fun and games because intertwined within these quotes are some extremely powerful marketing lessons for you to apply. Enjoy.

1. “Nickel and diming your clients will only get you ‘chump change.’ You’ll look like a chump, and they’ll want to change lawyers.”

2. “The biggest of all marketing sins? Being BORING. It will kill you faster than a cyanide milk shake.”

3. “The difference between networking and relationship building? One requires an incessant pitch and the other can be a path to getting rich.”

4. “Your receptionist is your law firm’s face (and voice) to the outside world. If this person isn’t a rock star, then they’re costing you money. There’s rarely a middle ground.”

5. “At the end of the initial consultation always ‘assume the sale.’ If you ask clients if they want to hire you, they might actually say no!”

6. “Lock yourself in your office and DON’T COME OUT until you can answer the following question: ‘How can I substantially differentiate myself from all my competitors?’”

7. “Any time you hear someone say, “everyone’s doing it,” realize there’s a tremendous opportunity…

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