I refuse to wax my body! (photo inside)

Dear Subscriber & Friend,

Are you a swimmer?

No — I don’t mean a swimmer like in a pool or the beach… I mean a “swimmer” in all your business and marketing activities. If you aren’t, you should be. 

And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, then you’ll understand what I mean as soon as I explain it.

What do competitive swimmers do? How do they approach every race? Answer: they try to find every possible competitive advantage that will allow them to get to the finish line as quickly as possible, right?

So, they shave their bodies…


They shave their heads or have very short hair…

They wear swim caps…

They trim down their body fat before competitions….


So They Can Become As Aerodynamic As Possible

Their thinking is, if they can shave off (pardon the pun) a 100th of a second here and a 100th of a second there, by taking these aerodynamic-enhancing steps, it will help them achieve better results. Cumulatively, these measures give them a real, tangible advantage. Heck, even a 100th of a second can mean the difference between winning and losing (remember Michael Phelps in the Olympics?)

This is what I call the “Swimmer’s Mindset.” And this is the kind of thing I’ve been teaching attorneys since I started doing seminars in the early 2000′s: You have to look at everything you do… every aspect of your practice with the mindset that it’s absolutely imperative to achieve MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE. Look at everything you do and ask, how can I improve it, enhance it or revamp it? An improvement of as little as 1 or 2% all the way around will have a huge aggregate effect. In many cases, you will be able to achieve an improvement of much greater than 1 or 2%.

Don’t you think you can squeeze out an extra 1 or 2% (at least) improvement in everything you do?

Of course you can!

A Bionic Face Only a Mother Can Love

So, for example, we use actual, live stamps in my company. No metered mail for us. (I’ll explain why in another newsletter). But I wasn’t satisfied with simple, plain old stamps — the kind everyone else uses. I figured there had to be a way to improve our stamp usage somehow (that was the “Swimmer’s Mindset” kicking in). I was simply trying to maximize performance. 

And you know what? I was right. I could further my marketing and branding objectives by creating custom stamps like the ones you see below:


Why Go To the Trouble and Expense of Using Custom Stamps?
The fact is, you can ask the question of “why” with every added marketing initiative you take on. Why spend the added hassle, time and expense when you can just go for “standard?” The “Swimmer’s Mindset” tells you that any tiny advantage — no matter what it is — adds up.
So, in addition to using these stamps for client correspondence (we don’t use them when paying bills), we give them away to certain clients as nice little perks or as a “thank you.” It’s a constant reinforcement of your brand or logo that the client will experience at least 20 times (each sheet of stamps has 20 stamps).
Why don’t you look into doing these for your firm? Clients love getting free things and it’s actually something they will really use. Plus, like I said, it’s a brand builder.
And the thing is, you can get creative with these. You can put your name, your logo, the type of law you do and your phone number, etc. on them. Just another way for you to stand high above everyone else.
Like I said, there are 20 stamps per sheet and the cost is about $20/sheet (yes, it obviously cost more than the regular first-class stamp). You can get these by going to www.photostamps.com. They’re offered by the Unites States Postal Service, and yes, these are REAL, usable US-issued stamps.
But stamps are only one example of the “Swimmner’s Mindset” in action. You can (and should) apply this concept to absolutely everything else that you do in marketing and managing your law practice.
I hope you start thinking in these terms because it is truly a very powerful concept.
Time for a FREE Giveaway
So I have a fresh new sheet of the stamps for the first subscriber who answers this question correctly: Speaking of swimming, what year was swimming first introduced in the Olympics? Just email me with the answer and we’ll be sending you a sheet of 20 cool Bionic Marketer stamps right to your door!
Till next time.


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