8 Marketing Quotes That Will Make You Chuckle, Think and Profit

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Here are some of my best marketing quotes (I send them to subscribers of my free text alert service). But it’s not all fun and games because intertwined within these quotes are some extremely powerful marketing lessons for you to apply. Enjoy.

1. “Nickel and diming your clients will only get you ‘chump change.’ You’ll look like a chump, and they’ll want to change lawyers.”

2. “The biggest of all marketing sins? Being BORING. It will kill you faster than a cyanide milk shake.”

3. “The difference between networking and relationship building? One requires an incessant pitch and the other can be a path to getting rich.”

4. “Your receptionist is your law firm’s face (and voice) to the outside world. If this person isn’t a rock star, then they’re costing you money. There’s rarely a middle ground.”

5. “At the end of the initial consultation always ‘assume the sale.’ If you ask clients if they want to hire you, they might actually say no!”

6. “Lock yourself in your office and DON’T COME OUT until you can answer the following question: ‘How can I substantially differentiate myself from all my competitors?’”

7. “Any time you hear someone say, “everyone’s doing it,” realize there’s a tremendous opportunity in bucking the trend.”

8. “Lawyers: Despite how cute you think your kid is, DO NOT put them in your TV commercials. You’re selling legal services not Pop Tarts!”


9. Marketing is seduction. Use your biggest selling points to LURE clients in. The harder you chase after them, the less interested they’ll be.

10. Basing your entire marketing strategy on the question,”What are most lawyers doing?”, will earn you a one-way trip to Mediocrityville.

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