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One of the classic “Brady Bunch” episodes had Jan complaining to her parents that Marsha always got all the attention. Jan felt slighted and insignificant because she imagined no one ever focused on her. Everything always came easy to Marsha… everything was always, “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!”

Classic stuff. (Seriously, if you ever watch some of the old 1970′s shows nowadays, it’s like getting into a time capsule. Things have changed so drastically in the last 40 years. And certainly not all for the better.)

Anyway, if you have no idea what I’m talking about (you’re missing a lot!) or would like to take a quick stroll down TV memory lane, here’s the clip (it’s less than two minutes):

The big takeaway is, like Jan Brady, your clients, your perspective clients, many of your colleagues, and even some people you know on a social level, all have the same basic question:

“What’s In It For Me?”

I won’t get into too much of the psychology on this, but suffice it to say, the main reason for this question is the same reason why headlines that start with “How to” are so successful. Because it appeals to a person’s self-interest.

That’s why your marketing has to be full of messages and phrases and ideas that communicate to the client or potential client how hiring you will help THEM.

Every marketing message you communicate needs to answer…

“How Does What You’re Saying Going to Benefit ME?”

I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating: if you’re able to get into a client’s head when you meet for the first time, do you know what you’ll hear? It will sound something like this: ME, ME, ME… I, I, I… How will this lawyer help ME?… I’m not sure he understands ME… Will this lawyer have enough time to devote to MY case?… Has he handled MY type of case before?…. Will he try to take advantage of ME?Etc.

That’s why you have to tie everything you say to answering the question, “How will this help me?”

And the way you do this is by selling benefits, not only features. So, for example, a divorce attorney might tell a new client that he has a background in forensic accounting. The client thinks, “oh, that’s nice, but so what?” The lawyer should then follow up by saying something like, “In other words, I will be able to tell if your spouse is hiding assets, money, bank accounts, etc. And if I can do that, I might be able to get you more money.”

Ding, ding, ding!! Congratulations… you just hit the “self-interest” bulls eye! You took a feature (forensic accounting) and turned it into a benefit (money).

Do that as often as possible and watch your revenues grow.

And don’t assume that clients will naturally make the connection between what you say and what you want them to know. This is a very important point. And don’t think you’re talking down to clients by spelling everything out. Their ears will actually perk up when you hit that sweet spot of laying out the benefits they want to hear.

I drill this concept into my coaching clients’ heads constantly. (By the way, those of you who have inquired about my Elite Earners coaching program, I appreciate your requests. Unfortunately, it is sold out through the end of the year and we’re not adding any more names to the wait list right now. Sorry.)

This is not to say that you shouldn’t talk about yourself, your experience, what makes you different, etc. These are actually important features. But you should try to bring them back to how what you offer will ultimately benefit THEM.

So, in summary, what should your marketing be FULL of? Benefit statements. Tie everything you say to what it means for the client and how it will help them. Never underestimate the power of always answering W.I.I.F.M (What’s in it for me?).

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