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Dear Colleague and Friend,

One of the best ways to explain something is by using an example, correct?
Well, I just did… and… clearly it worked.
Let me explain:  According to Experian, using the word “exclusive” in your email subject line will boost your open rate by 14%.  Simply by adding that one magical word.
That’s a nifty little tidbit, wouldn’t you say?
Now there may have been several reasons why you opened my email in the first place, but including the word “exclusive” in the subject line certainly didn’t hurt.  In fact, it improved the chances of you opening my email and reading my message significantly.
So, the takeaway here is to figure out how you can strategically use the word “exclusive” in your future subject lines to boost your open rate.  You can consider using it on clients, referral sources, business partners, etc.  And if you have a way to split-test your email to see firsthand how it performs, I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the results.
It’ll be our little secret.  :)
Like anything else, you have to be wary of overuse.  After a while, if the same audience receives the same type of “exclusive” subject line, it won’t pack the same punch.  So use it sparingly.
I have so many more tips, strategies and secrets to share with you.  All in due time.
That’s it for today.  I’ll keep this edition short and sweet.
As always, I welcome your feedback.  I most certainly read each and every email I receive (although it may take some time to get to them).  I hope you’ll forgive me if I’m not always able to respond personally — the volume of email I receive is sometimes overwhelming.
Some Notes:
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Yours for Superhuman Results,
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