Clarification and really cool photo (see inside)

Dear Subscriber & Friend,

I’m sending you this quick clarification email because I don’t believe I was clear in my email yesterday called, “We hate intake forms.” There was some confusion regarding whether I wanted you (personally) to implement steps 1, 2 and 3 or whether I meant that your receptionist should do it.

The answer? I absolutely meant that this is something your RECEPTIONIST should do when a new client comes into your office.

As a reminder, here are the three steps again (adjusted to reflect clarifications):

STEP 1: Have your receptionist greet new client BY NAME.

STEP 2: Your receptionist should hand the new client a clipboard with a sheet of paper with the headline: “We Hate Intake Forms — So We’d Never Ask You to Fill One Out.” 

STEP 3: When they hand back the clipboard, receptionist should tell them to keep the paper.

I hope this is more clear. I suggest you go back and review the details of these steps. This strategy works!


Regarding the photo I mentioned in the subject line, I’m excited to share with you a couple of pics I had taken with none other than…

Lee Majors — The Bionic Man Himself!

Yes, I met the Six Million Dollar Man recently and it was a blast! Lee was even gracious enough to sign some photos for me to: “Nader, The Bionic Marketer.” How cool is that!

He has quite a few gray hairs now, but the years have been good to him. He is still THE MAN! (I also met Richard Anderson — the man who played Oscar Goldman. What a classy guy).

For sure, a memorable experience indeed.

Here are the photos – Bionic Marketer meets the Bionic Man:

Thanks for letting me share this experience with you. I don’t always share photos, but when I do (hey, this sounds like a Dos Equis commercial), they mean a great deal to me.
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(BONUS FACT): Nader wrote a direct mail letter for a bankruptcy law firm that created such an overwhelming response, the attorney sent Nader a frantic email with the message: “You’re killing me with all the new business.  We are busting at the seams and all my employees are freaking out.  We filed 100 (bankruptcies) for October and we have already filed 30 (bankruptcies) so far in November.  That is a huge head start for November considering that it is only the 2nd (of November).”
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