Al Pacino might DECK ME for this!

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Let’s just get one thing straight. The “Godfather” was the best move ever made.

I suppose you could disagree with me, but what could possibly be better than the first “Godfather”? Not many movies even come close.

Anyway, as you know, pretty much any time Hollywood dips its toe into the move sequel waters, they muck it up. There was “Basic Instinct 2″ (a huge bomb), “Grease 2″ (another bomb), “More American Graffiti” (it stunk up the place), “Speed 2″ (a colossal failure) and a host of other movies whose sequels couldn’t match up to the original, including “Godfather” 2 and 3.

That’s show biz.

But here at the “Superhuman Results” legal marketing newsletter, you’ll be happy to know that our sequels are just as good as (if not better than) the original.

Here are some of my best marketing quotes (part 2). If you’d like to get them straight to your cell phone, just go to and subcribe.

So, without further ado…

8 (MORE) Marketing Quotes That Will Make You Chuckle, Think and Profit

1. “Your initial consultation must really WOW the prospective client. Perfect recipe? You must be 1/4 legal advisor, 1/4 therapist, 1/4 showman, 1/4 salesperson.”

2. “Statement qualifiers such as “With all due respect…” and “No offense but…” are the equivalent of a pitcher’s windup before the pitch.”

3. “Want to prevent potential clients from “lawyer shopping”? Give them a unique reason to hire you. How can you be IRRESISTIBLY DIFFERENT?

4. “The best way to handle marketing/sales objections is to 1) anticipate them, 2) raise them preemptively and 3) solve them creatively.”

5. “Show me a marketing strategy that worked well for you and I’ll show you a marketing strategy that you hastily ignored, altered or abandoned. This constant urge people have to look for the ‘next best thing’ can actually cost you money.”

6. “Answering your phone with a generic ‘law office’ is as smart as ripping off all the ‘swooshes’ from your Nikes.”

7. “This principle applies whether you’re a one-person or 100-person law firm: Delegate your weaknesses and anything that’s below your pay scale.”

8. “If you could read your clients’ minds, do you know what they would say? ‘I AM THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN THE WORLD (caps on)!’” Don’t ever forget that.


9. “I’d much rather endure a paper cut from every page of ‘War and Peace’ than have to see one more lawyer’s ad with their name in the headline. If you’re not famous, don’t put your name in the headline of your ad!”

10. “What’s the #1 biggest thing your clients complain about or hate? Find an exciting way to solve it…and do it infinitely better than your competitors.”

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